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22 yr old college student ready to be an adult

  PCB 3000 Panama City, FL Breast Augmentation
At the time I wanted breast augmentation it was really in part to a lot of peer pressure at the time and living in a beach community which made way to many days wearing a bikini. Now, almost 20 years later, I am still happy with my decision, although I am glad they either shrunk…

33 year old mom of 2, Breast Augmentation

  Anonymous 6500 Minneapolis, MN Breast Augmentation
After having 2 kids I knew I wanted to get back my once full breasts (34 C) that had deflated to less than a 34 B. As soon as I chose the surgeon I trusted to do this I scheduled it for 2 weeks out. It was good that I had pictures to show the…

28yr old mother of 1 gets breast augmentation then pregnant with a second child

  Anonymous 6000 Nashville, TN Breast Augmentation
I did not feel comfortable in my own skin as a woman. I couldn't even fill a 32A. I went in for a great consultation, had the surgery 2 weeks later, ; ended up doing 400 cc's of silicone in the left and 425 cc's in the right. Then was back to work within days!…

Best Decision Ever

  Anonymous 6000 La Jolla, CA Breast Augmentation
I have always felt as though my breast were to small for my body. I was always a curvy woman, but my chest was very flat, this made me feel very awkwardly shaped. Throughout the years I continued to contemplate on whether or not I should go ahead with breast augmentation surgery. Finally after 10…