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28yr old mother of 1 gets breast augmentation then pregnant with a second child

  anonymous 6000 Nashville, TN

I did not feel comfortable in my own skin as a woman. I couldn’t even fill a 32A. I went in for a great consultation, had the surgery 2 weeks later, ; ended up doing 400 cc’s of silicone in the left and 425 cc’s in the right. Then was back to work within days! I ended up getting pregnant 6 months later, but it didn’t affect my pregnancy, I chose not to nurse (but could have if I wanted) and I am still thrilled with my decision to get them when I did. Best money spent!!!

Dr. Delozier is phenomenal at what he does and has the technology to enhance your breasts on the screen after he takes a picture so there's none of that trying on a bra with implants in it OVER your breast tissue. Way more accurate this way!

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