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The Best Personal Decision of My Life

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For 20 years, I dreamt about having a breast reduction. For 20 years there was never a doubt in my mind, I wanted it done. I had exhausted every other possibility, to naturally reduce the weight of 38DD breast on my 5’4″ small frame. I suffered from back and shoulder aches and was extremely self-conscious due to sexual abuse as a child. I was uncomfortable with men as a teenager and they stared at me, all the time. I had one thing they loved. Ginormous breasts! Of course, I can laugh now. I am no longer a scared teenager or self-conscious 20 something. But, I still adamantly wanted this surgery.
I was in the best physical shape of my life when I decided the wait was over. From the moment of my decision, to finding the top doctor in Seattle and setting the appointment, it was over and done in 2 weeks. I’ve never looked back. Best personal decision of my life.
I have always been an extremely active person. Since my surgery, everything has stepped up. I love running and have taken up playing soccer. Now, my back and shoulders no longer hurt from bras that dig and the weight pulling on my chest, also making it difficult to breathe. I use to wear two bras! One with under wire and then a sports bra overtop. I literally spent half, if not more of my day, adjusting my breasts back into my bras. I also love yoga. Since my surgery, my balance has improved immensely and my breasts no longer suffocate me in certain poses. I’m not even kidding.
Although I have also received therapy for my personal issues regarding sexual abuse, my surgery changed things on a level I had only imagined before now. Every day is a breath of fresh air. I am no longer consumed by their size and thoughts of their annoyance. I went from a 38DD on a small frame, to a modest 32/34 C/D. The approach now by men, has given me a sigh of relief as well. The honest truth is, for me, the look on a man’s face when he’s ogling my boobs, frightened and repulsed me to my bones. That feeling was ingrained from a young age. Yes, that WAS my issue, but it is what it was. Therapy, surgery, it all helped. And yet, it did change how I am approached by the opposite sex…I am thankful. I was all boob before my surgery. Now, I am just me. I am free.

Dr. Phil Haeck

The experience was great!

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