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8920 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90211, USA

(424) 363-9485

Alex Farnoosh, DDS, is a highly skilled cosmetic dentist who is regarded as one of the leading dental practitioners in the Los Angeles area. Dr. Farnoosh is... More

9100 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90212, USA

(310) 273-9919

Parsa T. Zadeh, DDS, FAGD, FICOI, is a highly skilled cosmetic dentist who has more than 25 years of both clinical and teaching experience. Committed to ongoing... More

462 N Linden Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210, USA

(310) 276-4537

David S. Frey, DDS, is an accomplished and highly experienced cosmetic dentist. He provides patients with the latest cosmetic dentistry, full mouth rehabilitation, and sedation dentistry techniques... More

50 N La Cienega Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90211, USA

(310) 423-9640

Yaron S. Rabinowitz, MD, is the leading refractive surgeon at Laser Eye Associates, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. He is a board-certified, fellowship-trained ophthalmologist and a world-recognized expert on... More

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