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Bye Bye Hair on Upper Lip and Bikini Area

  Sara 375 San Diego, CA

I’m a Caucasian girl and have black hair and have always had a problem with hair on my upper lip area. I hate going to get it waxed because the area would always break out afterwards. I finally made the decision to go ahead and get laser hair removal and I’m glad I did. The procedure only cost around $75 per treatment but the place I went to was a plastic surgeons office. I’ve seen some places that cost $35 per treatment or even $50 and sometimes the cheaper places people aren’t trained on how to use the laser. There also is a lot of different lasers from what I understand. I got a total of five treatments on my upper lip and my hair is completely gone.
The only problem I encountered with this procedure was with the girl who did the treatment. She accidentally zapped my lip one time and I lost the pigmentation on my lip for about two weeks. It was a small area and I was probably the only person who noticed. However I read online that my lip’s natural color would not come back after being zapped accidentally by the laser and that turned out not to be true because it did come back. I ended up going back to the same place for a bikini laser hair removal treatment. That hurt much much worse. It feels like someone is snapping you with rubber bands. I even had my boyfriend drive me the second time because the laser hair removal doctor gave me a Valium and it still hurt. After the third treatment I decided not to do anymore. I still have to shave my bikini area but I do have a lot less hair than I used to have before the treatment. I think in general I would have had to get about five to six treatments to really notice the hair being gone completely. Despite this, I still think laser hair removal was worth it and would have done it again.

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