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  • Abdominal Etching

    Abdominal etching (also called ab etching, or liposculpture) is a type of plastic surgery procedure that involves reshaping the abdomen to achieve a flatter, “six-pack” appearance. Abdominal fat is selectively tar […]

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  • Acne Treatment

    There are a variety of treatment options for acne, each of which is designed to treat the common skin condition based on severity. Mild-to moderate treatments for acne can include over-the-counter cleansers or […]

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  • Arm Lift

    An arm lift procedure targets loose hanging skin of the upper arms. Also referred to as brachioplasty, arm lift is a common procedure performed after massive weight loss, during which excess skin can be […]

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  • Bellafill

    Approved by the FDA in October 2006, Bellafill, formerly called Artefill, is a type of hybrid gel soft tissue filler. The long-lasting treatment combats smile lines that develop as we age. Off-label, Bellafill is […]

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  • Belotero

    Belotero is a type of dermal filler used to help soften smile lines and remove wrinkles around the nose and mouth. The hyaluronic acid-based injectable filler helps people achieve a smoother, natural youthful […]

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  • Body Lift Surgery

    Body lift is a type of major plastic surgery treatment – often performed after massive weight loss or as a part of mommy makeover – used to help reshape and tone the body, with focus on the abdomen, buttocks, thi […]

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  • Botox

    Botox (Botox Cosmetic) is arguably the most famous of the cosmetic injectables. Derived from botulinum toxin type A, it is used to reduce wrinkles from the face – specifically on the forehead and around the e […]

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  • Bra-line Back Lift

    The bra-line back lift procedure is a type of cosmetic plastic surgery that re-contours the back above or below the bra line in order to smooth out any bulging associated with pockets of fat. It should be noted […]

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  • Breast Augmentation

    Breast augmentation is a popular plastic surgery procedure for women seeking to increase the size of their breasts. Breast augmentation can be accomplished by either inserting implants (Saline vs. Silicone,) or […]

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  • Breast Implant Removal

    It is not uncommon for women to seek breast implant removal after undergoing augmentation. As implied, breast implant removal means taking a saline or silicone implant out of the breast. However, that doesn’t n […]

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  • Breast Implant Revision

    Revision breast augmentation is common for a variety of reasons that can include a patient seeking to increase or decrease the size of their implants, complications such as capsular contracture or “double b […]

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  • Breast Lift

    Also called mastopexy or mastoplexy, breast lift is a cosmetic plastic surgery treatment for sagging breasts. There are a variety of types, including the crescent, donut, lollipop, anchor and scarless lift. The […]

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  • Breast Reconstruction

    Breast reconstruction is a type of plastic surgery procedure typically associated with breast cancer treatment. Women who undergo mastectomies can restore breast appearance through reconstructive surgery. In some […]

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  • Breast Reduction

    Breast reduction surgery is performed on women seeking to reduce the size of their breasts. Also referred to as mammoplasty, it is most commonly performed on women with large, natural breasts suffering from breast […]

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  • Brow Lift (Forehead)

    Brow lift (or forehead lift) is a type of facial plastic surgery designed to combat the signs of aging. The procedure is typically performed in one of two ways: endoscopic correction or coronal incision. […]

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  • Butt Implant Surgery

    A butt implant (buttock implantation, butt augmentation) is a cosmetic plastic surgery treatment to improve the curvaceous shape of the buttocks. Something of a pop culture-based treatment, butt implants have seen […]

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  • Butt Lift Surgery

    The butt lift is a type of cosmetic body sculpting procedure that serves as an alternative to butt implants. For women seeking to improve the shape of the lower buttocks, they may find that butt implantation […]

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  • Calf Implant

    Calf implant surgery is a popular type of cosmetic surgery for people (primarily men) seeking to improve the shape of their calves. For some, no amount of calf exercises is enough to improve the musculature of the […]

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  • Cataract Surgery

    Cataract surgery is a type of vision correction procedure – typically performed on people aged 40 and over – to treat the blurred vision and glaring caused by cataracts in the eye. During the outpatient pro […]

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  • Cellulite Treatment

    There are a variety of treatments available to help get rid of unwanted cellulite of the thighs and buttocks. Cellulite is nothing more than a buildup of fat that causes a bumpy appearance because of the way that […]

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