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I'm a 63 year who has done many thing to keep my face young looking. Since I was 55 . - Ann Arbor, MI

  DPrettyLady 450000 Ann Arbor, Michigan 4 years ago
19 Jan 2016 4 years ago
Payed for laser and bellafill. Dr. only did 35% laser when it was to have been 95%. Had bellafill 3 weeks later, the next day I looked like someone beat the hell out of me. Lasted for 3 weeks the pain bad. I went back to the Dr. and he told me just to rub the bumps where he did the injections. I now have large lumps under both eyes 1 on each side and 4 around my mouth, the one's around my mouth are sore. As to date the bellafill is just lumps. I really feel the Dr. didn't know what he was doing. I would hope bellafill would do something to make this right by me as having it redone by a Dr. that knows what he's at there cost. I now have people asking me what has happen. I feel is a great product but make sure you have a Dr. that knows what he's doing.

Laughed at me when I went to see him and said look at me I had it done last night with out any marks or bursing. That upset me as I was told to rub my bumps away.

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