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39 year old woman got Botox Injections in eye area - San Diego, CA

  Judy 250 San Diego, California 4 years ago
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11 May 2015 4 years ago
I have gotten Botox injections about three times now in the eye/ crowfeet area. I had numbing cream put on about 15 minute prior to the injections and didn't feel a thing. The small needle injected the botox in the crowfeet area and then right under my eye. The first time i got this done the Botox lasted about 6 months. The second time it lasted much longer, about 9-10 months. This was my third time doing it. The only problem i had was after the first treatment one of my eyes would twitch uncontrollably. It wasn't to big of a problem but i'm pretty sure it was from the Botox cause i've never had any problem like that before. It does take about 2 days to see the full effect, some bruising can occur afterwards and your not supposed to lay down or take ibuprofen. It's also best not to drink alcohol the day before. The procedure doesn't hurt and is worth it to me.

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