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Implants completely ruined my health until I explanted - Long Island, NY

  sunshine 6000 Long Island, New York 3 years ago
Loved the way I looked (360cc saline under muscle) but the implants ruined my health. I went from being athletic and healthy to feeling like a crippled 90 yo.

33 year old mom of 2, Breast Augmentation - Minneapolis, MN

  Anonymous 6500 Minneapolis, Minnesota 4 years ago
After having 2 kids I knew I wanted to get back my once full breasts (34 C) that had deflated to less than a 34 B. As soon as I chose the surgeon I trusted to do this I scheduled it for 2 weeks out....

28yr old mother of 1 gets breast augmentation then pregnant with a second child - Nashville, TN

  anonymous 6000 Nashville, Tennessee 4 years ago
I did not feel comfortable in my own skin as a woman. I couldn't even fill a 32A. I went in for a great consultation, had the surgery 2 weeks later, ; ended up doing 400 cc's of silicone in the left...

Best Decision Ever - La Jolla, CA

  Madison 6000 La Jolla, California 5 years ago
I have always felt as though my breast were to small for my body. I was always a curvy woman, but my chest was very flat, this made me feel very awkwardly shaped. Throughout the years I continued to...