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33 year old mom of 2, Breast Augmentation - Minneapolis, MN

  Anonymous 6500 Minneapolis, Minnesota 4 years ago
20 May 2015 4 years ago
After having 2 kids I knew I wanted to get back my once full breasts (34 C) that had deflated to less than a 34 B. As soon as I chose the surgeon I trusted to do this I scheduled it for 2 weeks out. It was good that I had pictures to show the surgeon of what I wanted so the proper expectations could be set. I debated between sizes and wish I had gone bigger--don't get me wrong, I love my new breasts but if anyone is debating, go to the bigger size! I am 5' 8" and went with 375 and 400 cc's but was told that since I was taller I could get away with going a little bigger (400 and 425 cc's) if I wanted to. The surgery went great but recovery was a little tougher than expected (had drainage tube for a week, and went off my pain meds when I shouldn't have). But even after going through all of that I would do it all over again for these results! I still have a couple more months until they fully "drop," but I'm already loving wearing new clothes to fit my new body!

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