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Breast implants ruined my health - Long Island, NY

  sunshine 6000 Long Island, New York 3 years ago
09 Dec 2016 3 years ago
Loved the way I looked (360cc saline under muscle) but the implants ruined my health. I went from being athletic and healthy to feeling like a crippled 90 yo. Doctors could not figure out what was wrong with me and I was pretty much bed-ridden. Then I found the web site healing breast implant illness. Ladies, for a real informed decision go to the site. Every implant has a bag which is made of silicone - a combination of 40+ toxic chemicals. We have a fb support group with approximately 1000 women joining every month because they suspect that implants caused their health to decline. Just from our group we have hundreds of women explanting every month because they got sick from the implants. Keep researching breast implant illness before you ruin your health with implants.

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