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Dental Veneers for Mom of 2 - Detroit, MI

  jackie32 100 Detroit, Michigan 4 years ago
18 May 2015 4 years ago
I had horrific childhood asthma and was in and out of the hospital from birth until my teenage years when I thankfully grew out of it. But, I was prescribed a lot of medication (much of it was experimental) that ultimately stained and weakened my teeth, in particular my two front teeth. In addition, my gum lines were uneven with one side being slightly higher than the other given my smile a slanted look. I have thankfully always been a pretty confident person, but my smile is something that I have always been embarrassed of and have spent most of my life with one hand in front of my mouth when I smiled. I could not even begin to tell you how many people during the course of my life have asked me what happened to my teeth. I believe that most people were just curious rather than being intrusive. This was true especially when the students at my children’s school would ask me if I had forgotten to brush my teeth. But, after a while it did make me even more self conscious.I have tried so many different staining methods over the years to no avail, and the doctors also believed that some of the medication I took also softened my teeth. So, in addition to my stains I also have countless fillings, crowns, and root canals. I was brought up in a very selfless home and I often put myself last, and I am also very careful with money. I have always worked at least 2 jobs my whole life and truly understand the value of a dollar as I watched my dad deliver flowers in Manhattan at night growing up. So needless to say, making the decision to get dental veneers was not an easy one for me. It was my husband’s idea, not because he was embarrassed of my teeth but rather because he wanted me to do something for myself. I ended up getting 10 veneers put on the top row of my teeth. The cosmetic dentist originally had thought that I would only need 8 to cover my entire smile line, but when he got in there and started filing down my teeth the fifth tooth on each side had several problems. Both of those teeth had so much decay around baby filings that if he did not put veneers on him they would have needed root canals and crowns which would have been more money with my insurance than the veneers.My dental veneers required 3 visits. First, I went in for x-rays, a thorough cleaning, and laser work to make my gums even. I was amazed by how much a difference just the gum line work alone made. My second visit was a week later and this was the longest visit. This took about five hours, because the molds had to be made for the veneers that would be sent to a lab and the teeth had to be shaved down. The doctor told me that most of his second visits often take a little less time, but mine was a bit longer because I had so much decay in my front teeth that was not detectable in x-rays. He showed me the decay using a mirror and with the tools once he started shaving down my teeth. The teeth have to be shaved down quite a bit in order for the veneers to sit correctly and not look like beaver teeth. Of course, this was another big part of the decision making process for me. This type of procedure is permanent on some levels and will require me to get new veneers again probably in 20-25 years depending upon how well I take care of them. I was sent home with temporary veneers which is essentially a plastic strip that was made from a mold of my real teeth. It did not feel very funny, but I just had to be a bit careful about not eating really hard things like nuts for example. The last visit was not too bad and it occurred two weeks after the second visit. It was only about two hours long. The veneers were placed on and the doctor made his final touches to make sure my bite was perfect as well as the fit. I never experienced any pain during any of the visits and today my veneers feel no different than my normal teeth.I am thrilled with the results and my only regret is that I did not do this sooner. All my friends and family have told me that I have even more of a skip in my step. I chose to do the second whitest color (20) for my porcelain veneers. I am very happy with that choice, because they are very white but not a cartoonish looking white that I think the 10 would have looked on me. I am 41, with 2 kids, and run around most of the time in my Mini Van helping with my kid’s activities. I coach my daughter’s softball, lead her Girl Scout troop, and warm up the pitchers at my son’s baseball games. I am not in my early 20’s going on modeling shoots by any means. But, I am also a college professor and I am constantly in front of small and large groups of people and so my improved teeth give me that extra edge in facilitating.Veneers are expensive. I do not feel really comfortable discussing how much I paid for most things (that is why I put $100 in the cost), but veneers are definitely pricey. Make sure to do your research, but I have found that veneers have a market price that is pretty consistent throughout the country. I am all for saving money whenever I can, but my suggestion would be not to try and save nickels and dimes when it some to this procedure. Find the right fit and a price point that works with your budget. Most cosmetic dentists do offer financing programs as well.My daughter I think reaffirmed my decision when I came home with me my veneers. She said, “Mommy, you look even prettier than you did before. I love your new smile more than your old one.”

The cosmetic dentist that I worked with incredible as was his staff. He is board certified which I highly recommend, because we have all seen the botched veneers that make some look like Bullwinkle. I truly believe there is an art to the design and setting of the veneers. In addition, his staff was all so welcoming, supportive, and really made me very comfortable emotionally and physically during all the visits. I was very impressed by their attentiveness to detail, expertise, and true artistry.

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