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63 yr old grandma with embarrassing smile - Dover, DE

  little bren 5000 Dover, Delaware 2 years ago
29 Jul 2017 2 years ago
I always had crooked teeth. I was always ashamed of them. In my 30's I wore braced for the first time. I was so happy to have a beautiful smile I even applied to become a stewardess. Well Eastern Airlines went away but so did my smile. Here I was in my 60's unable to smile without a hand over my mouth! My crooked teeth also was causing mouth ulcers that were way too frequent and very painful. So I put my smile in the hands of and Invisalign specialist. You could not imagine how thrilled when my 15-18 month treatment was over in 9 months! Wearing the devices proved to be challenging but not painful at all. I talked funny but I struggled through wearing them day and night taking them out only to eat and brush. I could not be more pleased to have my smile back. See your local orthodontist who specializes in Invisalign! You're never too old!
Dr Ahl

Friendly staff excellent knowledgeable physician

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