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Feel better about yourself - Hilo, HI

  Christi 350 Hilo, Hawaii 5 years ago
28 Aug 2014 5 years ago
I always felt strange having a beauty mark on my face. I use to try to cover it up so I could see what I would look like without it. I debated for years between keeping it or removing it. I remember always asking many of my close friends and family members about their opinion on whether or not to keep it or let it go. A lot of them didn't think it was that noticeable, and I looked good with or without it. It wasn't until I was a little older in my early 30's that I did decide to remove it. I felt nervous about finding the right doctor on the island. I asked around and got a good recommendation from a friend. I remember my sister specifically suggesting to make sure whoever I picked that they were certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. So after I received this recommendation, and verified the credentials, I made the appointment to get my mole removed by John F Paopao MD in Hilo, Hawaii. I couldn't believe how quick and fast and painless the procedure went and to this day the scar is so minimal nobody ever notices that I ever had anything there. I wish I would of made the decision to remove my mole 20 years ago! My doctor was great! I have already recommended one patient to him directly, and will continue to do so for anyone looking for plastic & reconstructive surgery. So if your sitting on the fence about having a procedure done my advice to you would be go for it, you don't have to spend your life wondering what others think about how you look, take the action step to feel better about yourself.
John F Paopao MD


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