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The Best Gift I Ever Gave Myself

  Jennifer 5000 Tacoma, WA

I wanted a nose job – cosmetic rhinoplasty – since I was a teenager. Even though I begged my parents for support they, and many other friends, boyfriends, siblings, etc, would always talk me out of it. Saying “you don’t need that”, “you’re too young” or simply “that’s too expensive.” I wasn’t desperate for perfection or obsessed with my image so I moved on.

It wasn’t until my early twenties, when I saw first hand from my now sister-in-law that the procedure has amazing results. She needed septoplasty to correct her deviated septum and decided while she’s already on the table maybe she could have a little “taken off the top”. This millimeter trimming softened her profile and enhanced her femininity so much that it seemed to me this was the nose she was born with, the nose that was destined for her, and a natural fit to her pretty features. I instantly asked her for a referral.

Before treatment, I was embarrassed of my nose. I thought it was too long, nostrils were too big, and the tip pointed down when I smiled sort of like a hooked nose. I was self-conscious about it; this feature is in the center of my face and the first thing I would see when I looked in the mirror. Imagine having a zit on the center of your face…its not the end of the world…its just hard to overlook. I wanted other features to shine, my hazel eyes and pouty lips would be complete with a cute, littler, and upturned nose.

About 6 months later, I was set for my surgery. I admit that I was anxious. I worried about the results not being what I expected, I worried about the anesthesia, and I worried about the recovery. I didn’t worry about what people would say or their reaction to seeing me post healing. I knew this was for myself, a beauty treatment that would correct an awkwardly shaped nose. I was also diagnosed with a deviated septum (probably broken from childhood years of playing soccer) and that would be corrected.

My advice to anyone interested in this work is to have 100% trust in your doctor. I appreciate the artistry and delicate hand of my surgeon. She was comforting to work with and I couldn’t imagine having anyone else perform this work so well or mentor me through the process with confident ease. I am sooo glad I invested in this improvement for myself. I have always had a big smile, but after this procedure, you actually see it!

Dr. Christine Puig

Excellent Doctor!!

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