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I got my old tummy back!!!!!

  4goodlooks 6500 Tulsa, OK

I’m a 36 year old mother of three beautiful children. Like most women, after having three kids I gained a lot of excess fat and saggy skin around my stomach…yuck! I tried different diets and exercises to lose the weight but nothing seemed to work. My husband has ALWAYS been very supportive of me and the way I look, but after a year of having my last child my stomach was really starting to make me self-conscious, in particular when we would go to the beach. That’s when I decided to start looking into having surgery. I have a friend who had breast augmentation about four years ago and i saw what it did for her confidence. She gave me the name of her doctor and I scheduled a consultation and about three months later i had a tummy tuck. Now 10 months later I couldn’t be happier!!! It’s like having my old stomach back! I would DEFINITELY recommend this procedure for other moms or anybody who is unhappy with their extra belly fat. No more muffin top for me….hahaha.

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