Female Infertility

Female infertility can involve any condition that prevents a woman from conceiving or carrying a pregnancy to term. While fertility problems can make it difficult for couples to have children, there are effective treatments and solutions available. In order to determine the right treatment approach, doctors must first understand the underlying cause of the fertility problems.

Causes of Female Infertility

There are a number of different factors that can contribute to female infertility. Endometriosis, pelvic abnormalities and ovarian disorders are just a few of the conditions that may make it difficult to conceive or interfere with normal pregnancy. In order to receive the correct treatment or choose the right fertility procedures, patients need to learn exactly which factor has contributed to their fertility difficulties.

  • Uterine Conditions: For conception to occur, the uterus must be able to support the fertilized egg. Endometriosis, problems with the endometrial lining and uterine fibroids are a few of the common uterine conditions that may lead to female infertility.
  • Pelvic Abnormalities: Anatomical problems with the cervix or vagina can also contribute to female fertility problems. Other factors such as scarring due to endometriosis or trauma to the pelvic area can impact female fertility as well.
  • Ovarian Disorders: Problems with the ovaries can also make it very difficult for a woman to become pregnant. Polycystic ovarian syndrome is a disease affecting as many as ten percent of women. The disease causes ovarian cysts that make it impossible for the ovaries to produce viable eggs.

Treatments for Female Infertility

While female infertility can make conception and pregnancy difficult, there are a number of techniques that are effectively used to treat and overcome these problems. In order to find the right approach, women should always discuss their treatment with a fertility specialist. In some cases, assisted reproductive methods such as in vitro fertilization and artificial insemination are an effective way to cope with female infertility and produce a successful pregnancy.