6 Simple Tips for Vivacious Skin

Sometimes you don’t need expensive creams or procedures to achieve youthful, vibrant skin. Slow down the aging process and keep people underestimating your age with these 6 simple tips.

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1. Double Rainbow
Decelerate the aging process by visiting your local farmers’ market or grocer. Colorful fruits and vegetables pack a strong punch against premature wrinkles and are overall good for you. Crunchy carrots, juicy blueberries, plump red tomatoes and leafy greens, for example, are chock full of antioxidants and nutrients that prevent the formation of free radicals which damage cells. As a bonus, vegetables also have high water content with will keep you skin hydrated and happy. Aim for five to nine servings of delicious fruits and vegetables, and you’ll have people asking you for directions to the fountain of youth.

2. Oil Change
Olive oil’s not just for dressing up your salad; your thirsty skin also craves the anti-aging properties of this delicious condiment. The monosaturated fats and Group B and D vitamins in olive oil miraculously smooth out existing fine lines and wrinkles, while preventing new ones from rudely showing up. Additionally, parched skin drinks up the richness in the oil, which helps preserve its elasticity. Olive oil can be applied as a moisturizer or added to your bath water for a rejuvenating soak. Not only will your skin feel velvety and supple, but the oil will also help remove dead skin cells.

3. Not so Sweet
Think twice when scooping copious amounts of sugar in your coffee. The sweet stuff, though delicious on your lips, isn’t so nice to your hips and skin. Refined sugar has shown to contribute to premature wrinkles and sagging skin, yet the average American devours three pounds of it each week! Consuming a lot of sugar expedites the aging process because it permanently attaches to collagen in your skin, which creates inflammation. Consequently, the swelling produces enzymes that break down collagen, the connective tissue that helps skin appear silky. So prevent an undefined waistline and dull skin by limiting your daily sweetness intake to 9 teaspoons for men, and 6 teaspoons for women.

4. Special Screening
Sunscreen is more than just a summer beauty regimen, its sun blocking properties can keep skin sexy smooth all year long. Lathering on sunscreen daily helps protect skin of bad burns, cancer and also stalls photoaging. Wrinkles, spots and lost elasticity are consequences of heavy exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet radiation. UV-A radiation prevents the skin of its natural job of holding its shape as well as causes freckles, while UV-B burns and causes cancer. Don’t be fooled by a cloudy day, those dangerous sun rays can still do damage. When shopping for sunscreen products, keep in mind that an SPF of 15 filters out about 93% of UV-B rays while SPF 30 reduces about 97%. Many makeup brands also provide some sun coverage, but overall, minimizing sun exposure is a sure guarantee to healthy, youthful skin.

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6. Supplement Rx
Enriching your diet with a few supplements can help promote radiant skin. The natural nutrients found in these capsules can prevent brown spots, wrinkles and dullness.

Vitamin E – It’s considered the most significant antioxidant because it guards cell membranes and prevents damages to enzymes connected with them. According to laboratory studies, vitamin E helps turn off free radicals, making them less likely to encourage aging. Improve your skin’s glow by adding 400 milligrams to your daily vitamin intake.

Vitamin C – Skin is the largest organ in your body and is exposed to daily environmental stressors such as tobacco smoke, sun exposure and pollution. Along with vitamin E, vitamin C is known to repair free radicals in your body, preventing them from turning cancerous and speeding up the aging process. Adding 2,000 milligrams of vitamin C to your diet can erase evidence of wrinkles, dullness and brown spots.

Coenzyme Q10 – Also knowns as CoQ10, this supplement offers powerful antioxidant potential that helps turn back time. Consuming 30 to 300 milligrams a day protects the body from free radicals and overcomes the symptoms of anti-aging. Not only will this supplement rejuvenate your skin, but your hair and nails also profit from the anti-aging properties.