OMG! 6 Unusual Plastic Surgery Treatments You Never Knew Existed

Everyone’s heard of breast augmentation, facelift and liposuction. These traditional procedures are some of the most typically performed plastic surgery treatments out there. Well, here are some of the wackiest plastic surgery procedures you may never have heard of. Sure to bring a grin to your face (one quite literally).

Grin Lift: …Well you didn’t have to wait long for that one. Believe it or not, the grin lift is real; but it’s not as strange as you think. As we age, the corners of the mouth naturally begin to sag. This can result in a drooping, scowling appearance. The most happy-go-lucky person could still look grumpy because of it. The grin lift procedure essentially lifts the corners back to a more natural position.

Toe Tucks: Not every woman is graced with the sort of feet that can easily slip in and out of the season’s hottest stiletto. But that doesn’t stop some women from trying. Toe tuck surgery is most often performed as liposuction, though it’s not unheard of for some women to go so far as to remove a toe. Hey, if the shoe fits.

Dimples: Who doesn’t swoon over a dimpled smile? Clearly enough people do for this strange procedure to exist. People seeking that dimpled look can get a simple procedure that involves a small incision in each cheek to create a depression that resembles a dimple.

Gummy Smile: It might sound like a piece of mouth shaped gummy candy, but this is a real procedure performed on people who have an unnatural amount of gum tissue on display when they smile. Cosmetic dentists typically treat this condition by altering the gum line, but plastic surgeons go a step further and actually target muscle groups that elevate the upper lip, essentially lower it to cover that pesky gum line.

Muscle Implants: Forget the gym. Why put in all that sweat when you can go to your plastic surgeon and ask for biceps, triceps, calves, buttocks, or even six-pack abs? Muscle implants might sound strange, but they are incredibly popular, especially among men. And to be fair, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re lazy. Many people suffer muscle deficiencies or other genetic deformities that can be corrected with muscle implantation. Then again, some people just want washboard abs.

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Elf Ears: Always save the best for last, right? Elf ears… this is real. Granted it’s fringe, even by “weird and wild” standards. But it’s not so uncommon that it doesn’t make this list. Is it a Lord of the Rings passion or borne from something else? Ask Canadian model Melynda Moon. She had the procedure performed several years ago.

Just remember, one person’s “weird” is another person’s perfection. And no doubt the plastic surgery fringe procedures will continue to bring us newer and stranger procedures.