Butt Augmentation (Implants)

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Do you feel that your butt is too flat? Gluteal augmentation, also known as “buttock augmentation” or “butt implants”, is a way of increasing the size of the buttocks through surgery. Patients who feel that their buttocks is not curvy enough or too “athletic looking” and who desire a rounder or fuller derriere may opt for this procedure. Used in a similar manner as implants during breast augmentation to increase the size of the chest, artificial butt implants are inserted into the buttocks for an improvement in the size, shape, and contours.

Are You a Good Candidate?

People who feel that their natural posterior is not curvaceous enough might seek buttock implants. Both men and women who want to feel sexier and have more self-confidence may undergo buttock augmentation. Ideal candidates are adults in good overall physical and mental health. Anyone who wants to make their posterior more prominent may be a good candidate for this procedure.

The Procedure: Step-by-Step Guide

Butt augmentation uses implants made of elastomer, a strong artificial material. Implants placed in the buttocks tend to be denser than those used for breast augmentation and able to withstand the pressure of sitting. They are closer to a solid than to a liquid, and provide a feeling similar to that of well-toned muscle.The following provides an overview of what occurs in a typical butt augmentation procedure.

Butt Implant Placement

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  1. Patient is given anesthia
  2. Next the surgeon begins with incisions either in the crease beneath the buttocks or horizontally where the buttocks meet the lower back. These incision methods enable the surgeon to place the implants while avoiding significant visual scars.
  3. Once the incision is made, the surgeon creates a pocket that will hold the implant securely within the body.
  4. The implant is inserted into the desired location of the buttocks, The implants are generally placed beneath the gluteal muscle, which ensures natural looking results.
  5. Once the surgeon is satisfied with the proper positioning of the implants, the incisions are closed with sutures.

Safety Information

As with any type of cosmetic surgery there are possible dangers. Potential risks of butt implant procedures include reactions to anesthesia, infection, and fluid collection under the skin. Nerve damage during the surgery is rare but possible, and could lead to numbness or changes in skin sensation. Potential undesirable aesthetic results include significant scarring, asymmetry, shifting of the implant within the body, or noticeable implant edges. Although butt implants are very strong, it is possible to rupture them, which would require them to be replaced through a revision surgery.

What You Can Expect During Recovery

After buttock augmentation, most patients take about a week away from work. During this recovery period, wear an elastic compression garment to limit swelling and help the tissues heal in their new contours. The most common side effects of this procedure include swelling, bruising, and redness. It is normal to feel some soreness, pain, and tenderness.  Many patients will be on bed rest for at least twenty-four hours. After this time, avoid sitting directly on the implants or sleeping on your back for at least a week. Your doctor may suggest that you sit on a soft cushion to protect the implant area until it has healed. While most patients return to work in about a week, those whose jobs include strenuous activities or long periods of sitting may need more time to recover.

What is the Cost?

When it comes to the cost of butt implants, the average surgeon’s fee is $4,500. This cost can vary depending on the surgeon and the details of the surgery. Expenses for anesthesia, the surgical facility, medical tests, and medications are not included in this amount; these additional items tend to bring the total cost for butt implants to between $5,000 and $8,000.