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The nine months of pregnancy represent some of the most meaningful, beautiful months in a woman’s life. Nurturing the development of life into the world is beyond measure. The toll it takes on a woman’s body, however, is agonizingly measurable. Weight gain and skin changes are merely two of the variety of physical affects of pregnancy. Women may gain 35 pounds or more during pregnancy, the fatty deposits of which lodge throughout the body. Unfortunately, the body does not always return easily to its pre-pregnancy form. Even exercise and dieting may not be enough to reverse the drastic effects of nine months of metabolic and bodily change. Enter Mommy Makeover.

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Congratulations Mommy, You’re a Candidate!

A Mommy Makeover is a type of combination plastic surgery treatment designed to help a woman regain her pre-pregnancy body. There is no set combination of treatments that make up a Mommy Makeover. Rather, the combination of treatments is specifically tailored to meet the needs of each patient. Whereas one woman’s makeover may include liposuction and breast lift, another’s may include tummy tuck and butt lift.

Essentially, any woman who has had children and struggled to regain her pre-pregnancy figure may be a Mommy Makeover candidate. However, Mommy Makeover candidacy can only be determined by an experienced plastic surgeon after a thorough evaluation. During your evaluation, the surgeon will look at your medical history and current health status to determine if there are any issues that must first be managed before Mommy Makeover can be considered.

Women who have experienced radical changes to the abdominal wall as a result of pregnancy – including the development of stretch marks – tend to make excellent candidates for Mommy Makeover. In addition, post-pregnancy breast changes may cause sagging that women wish to correct as well.

However, candidacy doesn’t simply boil down to whether your body merits treatment. One of the most important questions you must ask yourself is whether you plan to have more children. If the answer were “yes,” you would be well advised to hold off committing to any rejuvenation procedures. Similarly, women that are still breast-feeding may not yet be candidates for Mommy Makeover.

Schedule a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon to discuss your unique circumstances and determine whether a Mommy Makeover may be right for you.

The Procedure – What’s Involved?

There is no set procedure associated with a Mommy Makeover due to the fact that treatments tend to vary significantly from case to case. During your initial evaluation, your surgeon will work with you to determine a treatment plan that targets all your concerns. The combination of treatments performed most often includes:

Recovery Time and Results

About Mommy Makeover Surgery

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Recovering from a Mommy Makeover will again depend on the specific combination of treatments you undergo. A woman who has liposuction, breast lift and butt lift can expect a longer, more arduous recovery that a woman who has fewer procedures performed.

Regardless of the procedure, there will be a certain amount of pain and tenderness associated with the treatment areas. Post-surgical medications will likely be prescribed, and patients will be advised to avoid normal activity for a certain period of time. For example, patients who undergo butt lift will need to avoid sitting down for several days, and an abdominal binder may be advised following tummy tuck.

Patients are advised to contact their surgeon immediately if they experience any increase in pain, swelling, drainage or bleeding during recovery. A follow up appointment will likely be scheduled within a week of treatment, during which time recovery can be more accurately gauged.

Most Mommy Makeover recipients are happy with their rejuvenation. However, it is not uncommon for patients to seek revision treatment as a result of dissatisfaction with the results, or due to the development of side effects such as scarring, infection or poor wound healing. Any such issues can be evaluated during follow-up appointments.

On the other hand, some women are so happy with their results that they seek to expand on treatment, adding breast lift or implants after the fact.

What’s the Cost?

It is difficult to measure the cost of Mommy Makeover due to the number of variables involved in treatment. In addition to the cost fluctuations associated with what sort of combination of treatments you receive, price can be impacted significantly based on the surgeon performing the treatments and the location in which they are performed. What is certain is that patient will be responsible for 100% of the cost since the treatment is considered cosmetic (health insurance coverage does not apply).

In order to get a realistic cost estimation, you will need to contact a board-certified plastic surgeon to set up a Mommy Makeover consultation.