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Not Good

procedure was not for cosmetic reasons thank goodness..

  Unhappy 5000 Terre Haute, IN Eyelid Surgery
Was told I needed eyelid surgery for widened vision. After surgery the stitches did not work out and became infected on both ends of of lids. Developed a grape size infection pocket that sent me to ER. Dr Hobson looked at it and sent me home with no antibiotics and I ended up in severe…

Morbidly obese mom of 3 & my kids were paying for my poor health

  Anne 0.00 La Crosse, WI Gastric Bypass Surgery
I was a 39 year old morbidly obese mom with multiple comorbidities and a bad family health history. I couldn’t do the fun things I wanted to do with my children. Heck, I had to hold my breath to lean over to tie my shoes. Our quality of life was suffering. I took meds for…

He did a great job on my eyes in 1989.

  Tonya 2000 Mobile, AL Eyelid Surgery
Heavy top of eyes. Very professional and a very good job. He may be retired by now but I was thinking about looking him up again. I flew in from Atlanta to have it done. No pain and I don’t remember taking any pain meds after first day.

Awesome team

  Lorraine 1800 Rochester, NY Dental Implants
It took over 50 years to find a good dentist and dentist office. I won't go anywhere else. Friendliest staff and dentist. Everything went very well no pain or complain. the supporting team was awesome, they held my hand

Awesome team

  Liz SM 1800 New York, NY Dental Implants
Awesome team - knowledgeable, processional and absolutely friendly. My visit left the impression upon me that they truly care about their patients and are passionate about helping them. Awesome team - knowledgeable, processional and absolutely friendly. My visit left the impression upon me that they truly care about their patients and are passionate about helping…

Life Changing Treatment

  Jason 2500 Pasadena, CA LASIK Eye Surgery
When I started considering, Lasik eye surgery, a coworker recommended Tom S. Chang, MD to me. I'm glad I took his recommendation. This surgery is the best decision I've ever made. Well worth the time and money. And the recovery wasn't bad. Highly recommend.
Not Good

A horrifying result.

Dr. Stephen Paulsen of Tulsa performed co2 laser skin resurfacing under my eyes and left me with scarring and significant horrific fat volume loss all over my face.In addition, he did not use safety eye goggles on me during the procedure.

Great Crown

  Julie Up 800 New York, NY Dental Crowns (Cap)
I am so pleased with the work done yesterday on my crown - it's the day after my permanent is in and it feels great! Thank you so much for your professionalism, your friendliness, and for answering all my questions. I also am very impressed on how you continue use the latest dental technology -…

Excellent experience

  K Honolulu, HI Cataract Surgery
I had cataract surgery in January 2021 with Dr Jon Portis. The whole procedure was smooth and easy. Dr Jon Portis is an exceptional surgeon and Doctor. His staff is highly professional and Caring. I very highly recommend Dr Jon Portis for general eye care and or surgery.
Not Good

Dr. Shienbaum Caused Permanent Eye Damage

  Miami 2000 Miami, FL Cataract Surgery
I am 86 years old complaining about Dr.Gary Sheinbaum.In January 2018 Ivisited him due to redness in my right eye instead of thing to get the red out he gave me an unknown injection, go through the retina,In February he say I need a better injection,which cost $2000 instead of avastin $224. In March he…

it took me 4 years

  Sabrina 50 Rochester, NY Dental Bonding
haven't been to a dentist in 4 years due to bad experiences growing up and not having insurance for a while. I came in as an emergency case when my wisdom tooth was preventing me from opening my mouth. This clinic has renewed my trust in dentists and I will be returning to get my…
Not Good

Horrible office

  Cathy 3000 Columbia, MD Dental Bridge
Dr . Nabavi is completely impersonal and inadequate. He does not care about his patients at all and provided no solution or fix solution my dental problems. He dishonestly quoted one price for my bridge then raised the price over 50% on my next visit . I went back to him to only get a…

Homey atmosphere

  Paul Ger 1049 Henrietta, NY Dental Bonding
Residential/home "atmosphere". Staff, nice and friendly, understanding, considerate, informative. the staff are very friendly the office has lots of technology. very gentle hands. front desk is great

Ease your fear

  Liz Ru 2500 Webster, NY Dental Implants
Everyone always makes you feel safe and welcome. Great place to go if you have or had phobia of dental offices/visits. They do a great job in easing those fears. the implant was placed in less than an hour

Experienced Plastic Surgeon

  Laurie Cham 7600 Orange Park, FL Facelift Surgery
I had a big scar on my face just on my front lobe of my left side brain. The scar made my life difficult being a field journalist. As everybody knows how much it is important for a journalist on the ground to look good in front of camera. One of my colleague recommended the…

Dr. Gloria Thomas is awesome :)

  Hello Kitty55 13000 Cincinnati, OH Breast Augmentation
Hello...yes I just want to say Dr. Gloria Thomas plastic surgeon ....has to be the most wonderful surgeon out there. I had a breast argumentation in 2005 and all I can say is they are still awesome and wonderful looking. So yeah she's a 5 star p!us rating ....:) Worth every penny :)
Not Good

I Do Not Recommend This Dental Practice

  Jesus Private 2420 Bishopville, MD Dental Crowns (Cap)
No accountability. Crown decays after 1 year, and they simply say nothing we can do. Insurance won't cover replacement on a crown less than 10 years old. Dr. Corey Smith gave me a crown that lasted a whole year. Go somewhere else!!!
Not Good

Cataract surgery

  Gilchrist 20000.00 Gainesville, FL Cataract Surgery
UF/Dr. Grieser standard Catarac surgery EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE, difficult to work with billing dept. and facilities including the surgical center were very dirty - go elsewhere for this surgery or you will be paying a significantly higher price for adequate care
Not Good

37 year Mom

  TLCHRIST 4500 Puyallup, WA Breast Augmentation
Dr Stanley Jackson did not follow my very specific & detailed desire for small, firm breast Implants. I specifically told him I wanted to be a size B or C cup max! Dr Stanley Jackson made my bra size a D. No Dr has the right to “go big” and not listen to a patient’s…

best.tummy tuck ever

Absolutely the best plastic surgeon for tummy tucks. According to the internet he performed more tummy tucks that anybody in the country. I love the results. A life changing procedure He is very professional and so is his staff. Great postoperative care. Office is very well located, clean and beautiful

22 yr old college student ready to be an adult

  PCB 3000 Panama City, FL Breast Augmentation
At the time I wanted breast augmentation it was really in part to a lot of peer pressure at the time and living in a beach community which made way to many days wearing a bikini. Now, almost 20 years later, I am still happy with my decision, although I am glad they either shrunk…

33 year old mom of 2, Breast Augmentation

  Anonymous 6500 Minneapolis, MN Breast Augmentation
After having 2 kids I knew I wanted to get back my once full breasts (34 C) that had deflated to less than a 34 B. As soon as I chose the surgeon I trusted to do this I scheduled it for 2 weeks out. It was good that I had pictures to show the…

39 year old woman got Botox Injections in eye area

  Anonymous 250 San Diego, CA Botox Cosmetic
39 year old woman got Botox Injections in eye area39 year old woman got Botox Injections in eye area
I have gotten Botox injections about three times now in the eye/ crowfeet area. I had numbing cream put on about 15 minute prior to the injections and didn't feel a thing. The small needle injected the botox in the crowfeet area and then right under my eye. The first time i got this done…

28yr old mother of 1 gets breast augmentation then pregnant with a second child

  Anonymous 6000 Nashville, TN Breast Augmentation
I did not feel comfortable in my own skin as a woman. I couldn't even fill a 32A. I went in for a great consultation, had the surgery 2 weeks later, ; ended up doing 400 cc's of silicone in the left and 425 cc's in the right. Then was back to work within days!…

The Best Personal Decision of My Life

  Anonymous 6000 Seattle, WA Breast Reduction
For 20 years, I dreamt about having a breast reduction. For 20 years there was never a doubt in my mind, I wanted it done. I had exhausted every other possibility, to naturally reduce the weight of 38DD breast on my 5'4" small frame. I suffered from back and shoulder aches and was extremely self-conscious…

Bye Bye Hair on Upper Lip and Bikini Area

  Anonymous 375 San Diego, CA Laser Hair Removal
I'm a Caucasian girl and have black hair and have always had a problem with hair on my upper lip area. I hate going to get it waxed because the area would always break out afterwards. I finally made the decision to go ahead and get laser hair removal and I'm glad I did. The…

Best Decision Ever

  Anonymous 6000 La Jolla, CA Breast Augmentation
I have always felt as though my breast were to small for my body. I was always a curvy woman, but my chest was very flat, this made me feel very awkwardly shaped. Throughout the years I continued to contemplate on whether or not I should go ahead with breast augmentation surgery. Finally after 10…

36 yr old confidant mama

  Anonymous 10000 Seattle, WA Breast Reduction
When I was growing up, my chest was large and it affected my confidence. I was embarrassed to walk into a room. At 22 I decided to have a breast reduction. Best thing I ever did. Recovery was only a week. The scars healed and the surgeon made my breasts look amazing! I would do…

LASIK is one of the best things i have EVER Done

  Anonymous 1600 San Diego, CA LASIK Eye Surgery
I spent over ten years poking myself in the eye trying to get my contacts in and feeling comfortable. They would dry up, fall out, roll under my eye lids, get dirt stuck to them, scratch my eyes, and heaven forbid I forget to take them out at night before I fell asleep. Those of…

The Best Gift I Ever Gave Myself

  Anonymous 5000 Tacoma, WA Rhinoplasty
I wanted a nose job - cosmetic rhinoplasty - since I was a teenager. Even though I begged my parents for support they, and many other friends, boyfriends, siblings, etc, would always talk me out of it. Saying "you don't need that", "you're too young" or simply "that's too expensive." I wasn't desperate for perfection…

I got my old tummy back!!!!!

I'm a 36 year old mother of three beautiful children. Like most women, after having three kids I gained a lot of excess fat and saggy skin around my stomach...yuck! I tried different diets and exercises to lose the weight but nothing seemed to work. My husband has ALWAYS been very supportive of me and…