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holistic chiropractor - New York, NY

 William Gautier 100 Dental Implant New York, New York 2 days ago
"The U.S. ranks dead last in preventable deaths among the 19 leading industrialized nations! We’re clearly off target in our approach to healthcare.

63 yr old grandma with embarrassing smile - Dover, DE

 little bren 5000 Invisalign Dover, Delaware 2 years ago
I always had crooked teeth. I was always ashamed of them. In my 30's I wore braced for the first time. I was so happy to have a beautiful smile I even applied to become a stewardess. Well Eastern...
Not Good

Breast implants ruined my health - Long Island, NY

 sunshine 6000 Breast Implant Removal Long Island, New York 3 years ago
Loved the way I looked (360cc saline under muscle) but the implants ruined my health. I went from being athletic and healthy to feeling like a crippled 90 yo.
Not Good

Implants completely ruined my health until I explanted - Long Island, NY

 sunshine 6000 Breast Augmentation Long Island, New York 3 years ago
Loved the way I looked (360cc saline under muscle) but the implants ruined my health. I went from being athletic and healthy to feeling like a crippled 90 yo.

Breast Implant Revision for saggy breast after saline implants - Scottsdale, AZ

 JC-86 12000 Breast Implant Revision Scottsdale, Arizona 3 years ago
I am 30 year old female with a history of having saline implants with a full scar lift at the age of 28 for deflated breast. The previous doctor was an Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor that made be...
Not Good

I'm a 63 year who has done many thing to keep my face young looking. Since I was 55 . - Ann Arbor, MI

 DPrettyLady 450000 Bellafill Ann Arbor, Michigan 4 years ago
Payed for laser and bellafill. Dr. only did 35% laser when it was to have been 95%. Had bellafill 3 weeks later, the next day I looked like someone beat the hell out of me. Lasted for 3 weeks the...

33 year old mom of 2, Breast Augmentation - Minneapolis, MN

 Anonymous 6500 Breast Augmentation Minneapolis, Minnesota 4 years ago
After having 2 kids I knew I wanted to get back my once full breasts (34 C) that had deflated to less than a 34 B. As soon as I chose the surgeon I trusted to do this I scheduled it for 2 weeks out....

Dental Veneers for Mom of 2 - Detroit, MI

 jackie32 100 Dental Veneer Detroit, Michigan 4 years ago
I had horrific childhood asthma and was in and out of the hospital from birth until my teenage years when I thankfully grew out of it. But, I was prescribed a lot of medication (much of it was...

39 year old woman got Botox Injections in eye area - San Diego, CA

 Judy 250 Botox San Diego, California 4 years ago
Thumb Thumb
I have gotten Botox injections about three times now in the eye/ crowfeet area.

28yr old mother of 1 gets breast augmentation then pregnant with a second child - Nashville, TN

 anonymous 6000 Breast Augmentation Nashville, Tennessee 4 years ago
I did not feel comfortable in my own skin as a woman. I couldn't even fill a 32A. I went in for a great consultation, had the surgery 2 weeks later, ; ended up doing 400 cc's of silicone in the left...

The Best Personal Decision of My Life - Seattle, WA

 SeattleSweety 6000 Breast Reduction Seattle, Washington 4 years ago
For 20 years, I dreamt about having a breast reduction. For 20 years there was never a doubt in my mind, I wanted it done. I had exhausted every other possibility, to naturally reduce the weight of...

Bye Bye Hair on Upper Lip and Bikini Area - San Diego, CA

 Sara 375 Laser Hair Removal San Diego, California 4 years ago
I'm a Caucasian girl and have black hair and have always had a problem with hair on my upper lip area. I hate going to get it waxed because the area would always break out afterwards. I finally made...

Best Decision Ever - La Jolla, CA

 Madison 6000 Breast Augmentation La Jolla, California 5 years ago
I have always felt as though my breast were to small for my body. I was always a curvy woman, but my chest was very flat, this made me feel very awkwardly shaped. Throughout the years I continued to...

36 yr old confidant mama - Seattle, WA

 Emily 10000 Breast Reduction Seattle, Washington 5 years ago
When I was growing up, my chest was large and it affected my confidence. I was embarrassed to walk into a room. At 22 I decided to have a breast reduction. Best thing I ever did. Recovery was only a...

LASIK is one of the best things i have EVER Done - San Diego, CA

 Jeff 1600 LASIK San Diego, California 5 years ago
I spent over ten years poking myself in the eye trying to get my contacts in and feeling comfortable. They would dry up, fall out, roll under my eye lids, get dirt stuck to them, scratch my eyes, and...

The Best Gift I Ever Gave Myself - Tacoma, WA

 Jennifer 5000 Rhinoplasty Tacoma, Washington 5 years ago
I wanted a nose job - cosmetic rhinoplasty - since I was a teenager. Even though I begged my parents for support they, and many other friends, boyfriends, siblings, etc, would always talk me out of...

I got my old tummy back!!!!! - Tulsa, OK

 4goodlooks 6500 Tummy Tuck Tulsa, Oklahoma 5 years ago
I'm a 36 year old mother of three beautiful children. Like most women, after having three kids I gained a lot of excess fat and saggy skin around my stomach...yuck! I tried different diets and...

Feel better about yourself - Hilo, HI

 Christi 350 Mole Removal Hilo, Hawaii 5 years ago
I always felt strange having a beauty mark on my face.